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Caffeine. For thousands of years, people all around the world have used caffeine-rich drinks such as tea, coffee and cola to enhance their focus and give them a kick of energy.

Taurine.  Found in the human body and a healthy part of your diet, taurine is an amino acid that has a tangible effect on the human body and brain.   

B-group Vitamins.  From your favorite professional athlete to your nana, B-group vitamins are used to maintain and enhance energy metabolism and nervous system functions.  B-group vitamins are also used to aid in rehabilitation from physical injuries.   

Sucrose/Glucose. Many foods in your daily diet include sugars such as Sucrose and Glucose. Fruit such as antioxidant-rich berries and vitamin C rich citruses contain Sucrose and Glucose, which are essential to a balanced diet.


About Bomba

Established over 20 years ago in Austria by Bomba! Energy Drink Kft., Bomba is a part of the Starzinger family of companies.  Bomba Energy Drink is formulated to provide maximum energy content, without that funny aftertaste that most energy drinks have… Read More


Award Winning Bottle Design – London

Bomba Energy Drink™ is a unique beverage that packs an unrivaled taste and provides you with an explosive burst of energy.  The only energy drink packaged in an award-winning glass bottle with ring-pull top design, you’ll know what you’re putting into your body before you even pop the top! Read More



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